Coefficient Lite

Coefficent Lite


The project is written in Xcode (Swift 5)
for the iOS platform

  • Advanced internal database system
    REALM (all user data is stored inside
    the device).
  • Support for Apple Watch. (The user can
    install the application on the watch.)
  • Part of the interface is written in

If you regular spend money,
Or you have the habbit of running,
Maybe you refuel car,
May calculator’s far.

If it’s important to count every cent
For you we have an app, which named coefficent.
Create your on pattern with your expenses:
Liters of petrol to kilometers, liters of fluid for lenses.

It’s available for Apple watch too,
Install Coefficent, it’s right for you!




  • Сonverter without limits
  • Apple watch available
  • All your operations are remembered
  • As well as their location and time